Sé la jefa de tu destino!

Be the boss babe of your destiny!

House of Jefas is a Latina, culture-driven accessories brand that empowers women to be their bold, confident, and badass selves. Being a Jefa means being authentic — however that may look. It means living your life with pride, respect, love, and joy! We encourage women to be their own jefa (boss babe) and express themselves through style, fashion, positive attitudes, and of course, cultura. House of Jefas is true to itself and las comunidades we represent and serve.


To create socially conscious accessories that empower mujeres and encourage self-expression.

What Is a Jefa?

Jefas are the masters of their destinies — jefa de mi destino. Jefas are unique, bold, and fearless. Being a jefa means being proud of your roots — navigating life with confidence and being true to who you are. And they certainly aren’t afraid to express themselves and to speak up when it matters. Because when people say you’re “too loud” or “too much,” they want you to sacrifice who you are to appease everyone else. And being bold is the biggest JEFA move you can make.

At House of Jefas, we celebrate and encourage women to be loud, confident, and poderosa (powerful). It’s saying sí (yes) to the bright cardigan you love. To that extra shot of espresso. To wearing those big, bright hoops with pride. To standing up for yourself and others. To being proud of who you are. Sin miedo! Fearless!

Our Products

House of Jefas offers unique and fun pieces that inspire women to express themselves through style, fashion, and culture. Our products are high-quality, practical, and vibrant. We collaborate with brands like Folklórika Accesorios to create unique, handmade jewelry by women artisans in Tuxtla, Gutierrez, Mexico. Our Embroidered Jewelry Collection is a symbol of our cultural, social responsibility, and women's empowerment. With every purchase, you support the growth and social development of women in these communities, and YOU become part of a larger narrative, connecting diverse communities and preserving traditions while promoting positive change. True jefa moves! 

Meet our Head


Tanya Reyes, a proud Latina business owner with Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Honduran roots, founded House of Jefas in San Francisco, California. What started as a side-gig in 2016 to support her family has transformed into an online and soon to be physical boutique dedicated to empowering anyone bold enough to live in their truth. Tanya is passionate about serving her community through partnerships that empower women through style, opportunity, and self-agency. She spreads this message through all her pursuits, community engagement and making a positive impact in all her endeavors. House of Jefas is more than just a business venture; it's a movement. It encourages everyone to embrace their inner leader, taking charge of their lives and becoming advocates for their communities. House of Jefas invites you to be the Jefa of your destiny.

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